Paroles Deadtime de Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate
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  • Artiste: Mercyful Fate5402
  • Chanson: Deadtime
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Textes et Paroles de Deadtime

[Music: Denner/Lyrics: Diamond]

"Lie down in your dead little baby
You know it's getting late
Listen to this deadtime story
And hold on to your head"

And it's wasy past her deadtime...the night has just died

Little blood red Riding Hood was passing through the woods
A basket full of poisoned fruit
She's absolutely way to cute

And it's way past her deadtime...the night has just died

Good Old Nick is in her blood and it makes me feel so hot
Devil eyes, that's no surprise, she's colder than ice
The werewolf is hiding with its yellow glowing eyes
Drooling for some baby blood, he's jumping in the night
And he knows where Red is riding
He knows here Grandma well
That big bad werewolf's got it down, he cannot fail

And it's way past her deadtime...the night has just died

[SOLO: Denner]

Grandma's waiting in here dead for sweetest little Red
When she ate the werewolf's head, you could not even tell
There is no way out
There is no way out for sweetest little Riding Hood
'cause Granny won't be full
Until Red is dead and gone...Bye, bye

[SOLO: Shermann]

And it's way past her deadtime...the night has just died

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