Paroles Desecration Of Souls de Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate
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  • Artiste: Mercyful Fate5402
  • Chanson: Desecration Of Souls
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Textes et Paroles de Desecration Of Souls

Stay away white magician
Young lovers and mourning wife
You're not welcome on our land
So I speak for the dead


Magic circles drawn after midnight
Around graves to be opened
He'll ask the wand to raise a body
He'll ask the questions and
He'll burn the remains
It's desecration of souls
In their holy lair


Copulation in the night
Two shadows upon a grave
Screams of pleasure,
Screams of pain
Young lovers you must be insane
It's desecration of souls
In their holy lair
So I say again stay away
It's desecration of souls


Dying flowers upon the grave
Of a husband who's lost his maid
She's there on duty and the tears she cries
They don't belong where the flowers lie
It's desecration of souls
In their holy lair
So I say again stay away
It's desecration of souls


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