Paroles Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum) de Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate
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  • Artiste: Mercyful Fate5402
  • Chanson: Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)
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Textes et Paroles de Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)

[Music: Denner/Lyrics: Diamond]

1640. The Caribbean Sea, the wind was just a breeze

Heading for a Western shore, the barque was sailing East
Close hauled into the eye
The "Unicorn" was riding high on the tide
And the rum went down their throats...with a twist of wine

Just...after midnight, nobody saw the Antigua shore
Just...after midnight, nobody heard the thunder roar
Ohh...they were heading straight for the reefs
Just...after midnight, they were caught by the storm

[SOLO: Shermann - Denner]

1640. The Caribbean Sea, the wind was not just a breeze

The captain and the crew were fighting for their lives
But they didn't stand a chance with their drunken minds
Going their watery graves
Going down...going down...

Fifteen men and a bottle of rum
It's the captain and the crew of the "Unicorn"

Listen hard on a stormy night
And you just might hear them singing that rhyme
Oh yeah...A ghost that never dies
Fifteen men and a bottle of rum
It's the captain stuck in the "Unicorn"
Oh yeah...A ghost that never dies
It's a warning, storm is coming, yeah, you better look out

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