Paroles The Bell Witch de Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate
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  • Chanson: The Bell Witch
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Textes et Paroles de The Bell Witch

[Based on a true story]
[Music by Hank Shermann Lyrics by King Diamond]

Back in Tennessee, I saw a
family haunted by an entity
It was a tragedy in another century
Oh... They never would know the
Evil One that came
Little Betsy, the age of 12
Living in a dream
The first one to scream

Invisible hands leaving their mark in the dark

[Solo: Denner]

Night after night
The Bell Witch attacked and attacked
Torturing Betsy, until a circle was held in candle light

Tell us who you are
Please tell us who you are

"I am the air you breathe
I am the Bell Witch
I am a million years
I am the Bell Witch"

[Solo: Shermann]

The Bell Witch decided
It was the time for the father to scream
Soon taken ill, never again to leave his bed alive

Tell us who you are
Please tell us who you are

"I am the air you breathe
I am the Bell Witch
I am a million years
I am the Bell Witch"

"Goodnight John, see you in Hell...
Say bye bye to Daddy, Betsy"
Call the doctor!!!... "I made sure"
Call the doctor!!!... "There ain't no cure"

[Solo: Shermann]

That night John he died
And the Bell Witch never came again
Soon they realized, the witch had given John bad medicine

[Solo: Denner]

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