Paroles Vacant de Mersey

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  • Artiste: Mersey39200
  • Chanson: Vacant
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Textes et Paroles de Vacant

She smokes her cigarettes,
She smokes them like she don't care at all,
The world gets in her head,
She's always filling an empty hole,

I'll be your cigarette if you don't get it all,
I'll fade away with you if you can't carry on,

I'll be your whatever if you want,
And though I'll meet you there,
You won't see me here anymore,
Like smoke plays in the air,
We'll fade away from it all,

I'll be your cigarette if you don't get it all,
I'll be your only friend if you can't carry on,

Deep inside yourself,
Past the Vacancy,
The feeling is on its way,

I'll be your cigarette if you don't have it all,
But I can't fade alone if I'm not good enough,

I'll be your cigarette if you go.

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