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Metal Church
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  • Chanson: Gods Of Wrath
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Textes et Paroles de Gods Of Wrath

[D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof / C. Wells]

A lonely god you captured, do you feel the pain
Tried to help the people but your help was all in vain
You gave to us their fire, but who was watching you
Chainin' out a reason, now what you gonna do?
Whoa, oh

Yeah! Alright! Come on! Right now!

Now that they picked you, a lesson has been taught
Join us now in vengeance and let the bodies rot
A thousand times a thousand is finally gonna end
Storms of war are brewing- we need your help but when
Whoa, yeah, ahh!

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

Gods of wrath are heartless when they left you hanging there
Cast out and abandoned, you had to pay the fare
Now's the time to break free and help us if you can
Cuz we're all behind you to start the master plan
Whoa, yeah, ahh

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

[Inaudible- hockey's????] fine by you
Saying you will never learn
Reach up to the heavens and let the bodies burn
You know you have the answer
You've always been a friend
Break the chains in anger and let it all begin
Whoa, yeah, ahh

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

God, come down, gods are before you

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