Paroles Sunless Sky de Metal Church

Metal Church
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  • Artiste: Metal Church6585
  • Chanson: Sunless Sky
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Textes et Paroles de Sunless Sky

[K. Vanderhoof / R. Munroe]

Lost, lost in a maze, can't rearrange, my mind is unclear
Fade, fade into black, but not fade away
Who should I turn to, where should I go, six feet too deep in the ground
How long can I take this, how long will it last
I can't stop re-living my past
Beyond the sunless sky, so far away, beyond the sunless sky
Torn, I've torn you in two, what can I do, I'm lost in confusion
Time, I've run out of time, the clock ticks away, just keeping time... an illusion
I wallow in the darkness, I suffer through the pain, ripping through the madness
Til life's been re-gained
I'm nothing but a shell of what I used to be
I'm washed upon the shore of my checkered past
No one would believe all the things I've seen
Deliver me from darkness, I'm fading fast
It's all been lies, time after time
There will be no more sunless skies

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