Paroles Temple Of The Sea de Metal Church

Metal Church
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  • Artiste: Metal Church6585
  • Chanson: Temple Of The Sea
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Textes et Paroles de Temple Of The Sea

The pages turn themselves as if to speak to me
A vision not so civilized a sight no one has seen
A king who's fate is sealed by prophecy and pain
Modern man knows nothing, it's time I board my train
The wasteland that's before me leaves me cold inside
I long to reach the ocean and the secrets that it hides
The rivers have all dried up yet covered by the sea
The memories of children playing
And prayers that have been set free
The ancient temples washed away foundations of belief
No written word to tell the tale, another missing piece
As I touch, as I see, it's still a mystery
When I find what I seek
Who will we be?
It's all myth and memory, these temples of the sea
And still there's no answer
We search for the answers
Another night I walk alone, tormented by the thought
A world remains unknown to us, a land that time forgot
Our future could be in the past, and proof before our eyes
We cannot ignore the truth and cast it all aside
They're leaving the world they leave without warning
Standing together a new day is dawning
One giant puzzle with no explanation
Can someone tell me is it imagination
Only to find the secrets unfold
With nothing left but these fallen towers of stone
Fire falling from the sky, burning all I see
No place to run no place to hide
I hear a million screams
Now we say our goodbyes, only fear in our eyes
As we fall to our knees
Our world is claimed by the sea

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