Paroles Shoot Me Again de Metallica

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  • Artiste: Metallica2632
  • Chanson: Shoot Me Again
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Textes et Paroles de Shoot Me Again

I won't go away
Right here I'll stay

Stand silent in flames
Stand tall 'till it fades

Shoot me again
I ain't done yet

Shoot me again

All the shots I take
I spit back t you
All the shit you fake
Comes back to haunt you

All the shots

All the shots I take
What difference did I make?
All the shots I take
I spit back at you

I won't go away, with a bullet in my back
Right here I'll stay, with a bullet in my back

Shoot me
Take a shot

I'll stand on my own, with a bullet in my back
I'm stranded and sold , with a bullet in my back

I bite my tongue
Trying not to shoot back
No compromise
My heart won't pump the other way

Wake the sleeping giant
Wake the beast
Wake the sleeping dog
No, let him sleep

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