Paroles The Center Of My Heart de Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton
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  • Chanson: The Center Of My Heart
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Textes et Paroles de The Center Of My Heart

How do I begin to say
Words are not enough to show you how I really feel
And how the night is now just knowing you are here
I can show you night and day
I'll hold you til the end of all tomorrows disappear
Now it's all so clear
What a fool I would have been
If I never let you in
Inside of me
So faithfully stood by me

It started with a leap of faith, took me to a higher place
Though I wasn't ready to believe you were there to reach inside of me.
I thank you for the love you gave
For every step along the way
You taught me to believe again
Baby, that's the hardest part.
It's all because you took the journey
The journey to the center of my heart

Looking back I have to laugh
Thinking how I walked the earth so proudly on my own
When deep down I was scared to be alone
Somewhere down that lonely path
You appeared with love to follow anywhere I go
How did you know that you could turn my world around
This place I never would have found
Without you I would spend my life afraid to fly

[Chorus x2]

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