Paroles Mystery de Michael Logen

Michael Logen
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  • Artiste: Michael Logen27328
  • Chanson: Mystery
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Textes et Paroles de Mystery

She's the ancient longing that I feel beside the ocean
When I look across the waters deep and still
She's a new belonging like some love-inducing potion
And I'll never reach the bottom of this well

Cause she wants to be a mystery and I know I've never found her really
She wants to be a mystery to me
She wants to be a mystery so I wrap my soul around her because
She'll always be a mystery to me

She's a side of God, I've never seen in my own soul
A whisper of the way we ought to be
She's a soft reminder of the world when it was whole
And part of her is just beyond my reach


As timeless as the mountains and the sea
The beauty of a lady mystery


She wants to be a mystery, she wants to be a mystery
She wants to be a mystery to me
She'll always be a mystery, she'll always be a mystery
She'll always be a mystery to me

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