Paroles All We Got de Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald
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  • Chanson: All We Got
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Textes et Paroles de All We Got

(Peter Leinheiser And Michael McDonald)

It's not enough, there's never enough...

As we look out on a world
Full of people, places and things
They seem so important to us
There's no harm in that girl
But for all the joy it can bring
We know that's not all we're gonna find
But when it comes to you and me
I know the most important part
Is what we have in our hearts

Baby it's all we really need
When all those things are never enough
In this world of everything or nothin' baby
Remember, this love is all we got, babe

As we travel down the road
To make our dreams come true
We know that things are gonna change
But when it comes to you and me
If we look back to the start
When all we shared was in our hearts

We could have a house in the country
We could drive a big fine car
We could set our sights on tomorrow
We could hitch a ride on the brightest star
'cause all those things could never be enough
In this world of everything or nothing
Remember baby, this love is all we got
This love is all we got, babe

When it comes to money



People, places and things
This love is all we got

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