Paroles Thats Not Me de Michelle Poe

Michelle Poe
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  • Artiste: Michelle Poe15791
  • Chanson: Thats Not Me
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Textes et Paroles de Thats Not Me

Im putting lipstick on my face
Would have never chosen this shade of red
Ive always thought that I looked best in pink instead
And I dont like my hair this long
But the last time that I cut it
You were so damn mad
And you just carried on and on and on
Ive turned into the woman that you wanted me to be

But thats not me
It never was
I was just holding on too long
but thats not me

You come in again at 2
And I do just what I do
I always lie real still
And never tell you how I feel
Yes Ive given you the right
Cause I didnt have the fight in me
To stand my ground
And build this love on honesty
Now when you hear the footsteps
In the hallways in your sleep

thats not me
It never was
I was just holding on too long
But thats not me

Thats not me
It never was
I was just holding on too long
But thats not me
Oh thats not me
Oh it never was

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