Paroles Dystopia de Midnight Juggernauts

Midnight Juggernauts
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  • Artiste: Midnight Juggernauts27382
  • Chanson: Dystopia
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Textes et Paroles de Dystopia

Waiting for the moon to rise again
Across the darkened sky
Stars they will shine again
They're shining above you
Satellite dreams come raining down
Keep falling to the earth
Run as they hit the ground
And shatter around you
Any given minute we'll witness
The planets falling from an high
Sparkle as they're falling
Through the twilight sky
No one understand how we possibly
Could circle 'round the world
Averting catastrophe
Averting the sunrise
Running out of senses to guide the way
We're running out of time
Running from yesterday
We're running through darkness
Any given minute we'll witness
The planet falling from an high
Sparkle as they're falling
Through the twilight sky

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