Paroles Let Go de Midtown

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  • Artiste: Midtown11660
  • Chanson: Let Go
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Textes et Paroles de Let Go

i know you'll never lose
what's lost inside you
you're burning down the bridges
you've crossed
and you're still around
so nothing's certain
just let go
we deserve it
if i could chose to start it over
i'd exercise more discretion
the lies are abound
and nothing's certain
do you have good intentions?
come on
let go of those affectations
you don't fool anyone
come on
let go
if you want to take on
the years won't say what happened to you
what gains have you earned
what friends have you trampled over
when you're around
nothing's certain
just let go
we deserve it
come on and let go,
come on and let go

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