Paroles Excuses de Mike Vang

Mike Vang
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  • Artiste: Mike Vang45781
  • Chanson: Excuses
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Textes et Paroles de Excuses

You're looking at me,
And I know what you're thinking,
Why was I so unfaithful,
And now you're complaining,
That he don't treat you right,
But I'm not gonna give in this time,
Cause' girl you left me for him,
When you told me y'all were just friends,
So now I'm moving on,
Suggest you move along,
I wont go through it again,
For us this is the end,
So don't say a word,
And baby save the excuses (excuses)

I don't wanna hear another lie,
Don't even try just save the excuses (excuses),
Evidently I'm not your type of guy,
Cause if I was could you tell me why,
You have left me,
You played me like a fool,
When all I ever did,
Was show that I loved you,
Now my heart speaks,
It's time to say goodbye,
Just save your breath,
There's no point in a second try.

(No point in a second try)

(Thanks to Mike Vang for these lyrics)

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