Paroles Boneindian de Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
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  • Artiste: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson37321
  • Chanson: Boneindian
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Textes et Paroles de Boneindian

don't care to eat, and to drink makes me thirst.
my second year here has been worse than the first

this winter has been like no other before
staring down at the sky from up here on the floor
we got a bit screwed off the shit that we scored
ripped off this kids parents to buy a bit more
and i'd walk down your street late, sometimes spy a light
laugh knowing your lover'd not arrived for the night
me in a desperate pack all huddled and sweating
accepting addiction; aiding and abetting

my tits were dragging in the dust
wet heads here shaking with disgust
my tits drug in the dust, wet heads shook with disgust
we must do what we must so please,
don't ask of us

don't care to eat, and to drink makes me thirst.
my second year here has been worse than the first

back into town since the first of july
they're all my good friends and they're all gonna die
we sat on the beach and we couldn't get high
but we tried
oh, we tried.

now too stoned to speak i'm too much in my mind
just see death descend everywhere i beg to be blind
meanwhile all the wrecked writers just keep on rhyming rhymes
it's getting further past too late all of the time
seems like only the young
and maybe the dead
could have hope in their hearts or should sleep in their beds
your face was truly feigning fear
as your truly toothless terror drew near
i've seen how he staggers
but it just doesn't matter
you refuse to be cured but may i remind you...
you gave your word
don't care to eat, and to drink makes me thirst. my second year here has been worse than the first

Be Easy Love, There Is No Heaven Above.

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