Paroles Buriedfed de Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
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  • Chanson: Buriedfed
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Textes et Paroles de Buriedfed

This is my last song about myself, about my friends
Found something else to sing
Try and patch it up with tape and twine
Maybe I'll just break everything that's mine

They wheeled out my casket,
They said, "Boy, lay down your head"
I said, "Aw shit, man, I ain't even dead"
I won't be buried for I'm...

My friend, who's a real yo-yo
She's always crying, and no one knows why
She's gonna be alright
Lost her past in a fuzzy fire
Wasn't even drunk, just a little tired last night

And they took her to the doctor
To fix her heart, and heal her head
She said, "Goddamn, I'm tired of being polite
Go save somebody else"

Friend of mine drank something fine,
Choked to death before his time, last night
He said, "I found that thing you really need"
Come on, you can't breathe alright

Everyone'll be there at the burial in your head
And a tear or two, they shed
Then they're gonna go digging in your hole
And find someone else instead
Make someone else feel dead instead

Oh, he didn't like people much at all
Tasted better with alcohol
You know how that one goes
He realized he'd missed his whole life
Kissed his dog and shot his wife last night

And they pulled him to a preacher
He said, "Pray 'Our Father' prayers"
He said, "Aw shit, man, I don't even care
Oh, I ain't did nothing"

Reckless ruin is killing high
A great, fine victory we're still alive
My, my, what a surprise
I got home late, I don't care
Better late than never, dear

They took her to the prison
Sat across from him, and sighed
She said, "Fuck you, I wanted just to die
How come you, baby boy, you
You can't do a damn thing right
You can't do any damn thing right"

This is my last song I write inside
Going out, find somewhere else to hide
Late at night on an empty street
Ain't anyone I know walking beside me

I ain't done a damn thing right
But oh, I'll try, before I die
How 'bout tonight

They wheeled out my casket,
They said, "Boy, lay down your head"
I said, "Believe me, I wish that I was dead"
But as long as I've been running
While this world exploded in this big hole in my head

But as long as I've been running
Well, I might just keep it coming
To someone else instead

Oh, you, baby boy, you
You can't do a damn thing right
You can't do any damn thing right

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