Paroles More Than a Mess de Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
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  • Chanson: More Than a Mess
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Textes et Paroles de More Than a Mess

Scene 1: Angeline walks out
She's got a handful of lives
She's rolling the dice
Just 22 years old
Guns got her blue
And a bullet falls out
Starts crawling about
She gets down
She gets rid of the gifts
She won't live
She refuses to live
Cannot forgive
Though it fell like a tack
Spite the loss that she lacked
And dead upon her back
Can't get that back

Scene 4 starts with the slam of a door
Focus on down
Bloody cars keys in hand
Behind him the gray morning lights fuse as the the room containing the bodies of six dead ex-users
And Dan wishes they'd been choosers
Wouldn't of had to make them life's losers
Oh this kid he's knows he's mis-measured
But he thinks his mistake may be a treasure
Feels near feels clear feels nearer than near
At least more than over here with all the goddamn living
Who think that grieving is a given
They're doing a party across town right now Miss Angeline but he's got some misgivings
Cause if he goes down to hang around with all those cheap clueless clowns his head hung with this heavy crown
You can be sure as shit
Oh something shall go down

It's not the things that they want
It's not the things that they need
It's the weird guy glance that you've known your whole life
They ask you 'bout
How much did it bleed

Dan says this as he leaves:

"with that dress drunk and full of distress
She was more than a mess to me
She cant stand all the blood on my hands
She is more than a mess to me"


Scene 68 in a house full of snakes
Phony so fucking false
All their skin falls in flakes
Toasted by some well dressed designers
We met back in scene 11
They barely escaped with their lives at the end of scene 57 by ducking soon
That black banged 20 time tattooed young boomerang with nine wandering nothing
Out of their parents houses
Out and opened their mouths off of all kinds of somethings
Say they've all stopped their whining
As they circle I say
Oh except Franny in the corner with her arms around her knees
Shes wishing for dead
Oh this tall kids whisper likes tress
On bodies the prey
I got nervous breath
Oh my ride just left
Got no choice but to stay
I found me feeling sick
Throat filled with dread
I took a trip with a guy
The kind you could drag behind you for a mile oh and then thank you for the ride

It takes a stray of hands
Oh to prove they're not playing
But you answer
Every display
You're trying to say
It's pretty late
Oh it's late man

With that dress drunk and full of distress
She was more than a mess to me
She can't stand all the blood on my hands
She is more than a mess to me

Let it be let it be let it be let it be

Final scene conscience clean
Dan walks into the house to pull Angeline out
Walks in the backroom wraps the bullet up in a blanket
Kisses Angeline on the mouth
Oh give me a break
Says some chump chewing a snake
This did not dilute Dan's disgust
And he beat him to dust
Making escape with a cigarette dangling from some drooling fools lips
That jerk tripped down on the carpet shielded up like a torch tip and the flames roses were split
That was right
Me oh throwing the phone out to die
Dan tipped me off with a wink of his eye
So I stood as the only bystander by
The flames rose high and the dead did die
And they all screamed loudly
All screaming now
Man the kid's mastered supporting the crash
Floating a river of plastic streamed all across the grass
Flooded the valley covered everything around
Cooled off and froze solid deep downtown
It smells slightly of skin
And their tears turned to ground
And they made some mighty fine monument
Oh in contradiction town
As I breathe in the fumes
And I stare at the sky
Just sit right on down
Oh I always laugh stupid guy
He told me a while



But that bullet still breathes
I hope that bullet still breathes

With that dress drunk and full of distress
She was more than a mess to me
She cant stand all the blood on my hands
More than the rest to me

We all go home
We all go home
One of these days

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