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Million Stylez
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  • Chanson: Fade Away
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Textes et Paroles de Fade Away

Yeah yunno, yeah yu see life, life is not about material tings money and bling and dem ting deh yunno, nah man a million stylez longside Jr Byles a weh seh man

chorus (Jr Byles)
he who seeks of only vanity and no love for humanity shall fade away fade away,
(fade away do u hear what I say)he who seeks of only vanity and no love for humanity shall fade away fade away

verse 1
yo ey yo mi nah have no ride mi nah have no gold mi nah have no diamond pon mi neck, just a singer weh keep on following di righteous steps, cause mi know di allmighty HIM a guide and protect, u sign contract with di devil well a yu go fry next,
mi give thanks and praise every day to di highest, yu want di finer tings in life nah yu want di finest, more food inna yu belly than it can evah digest, haffi memba that life is priceless, that´s why mi sing


di richer gettin richer everyday, hey yeay, and di likkle that di poor man got, it shall be taken away, hey yo yo,

same ting a gwan all di way from stocktown to J.A, u too vain then yu surely fade away jr weh ya say


verse 2
yo ey it go so, mi bun materialistic mind cause dem a victims of vanity, dem wan see more money come in than stars in di galaxy, what di media show today is not reality, it went from madness to straight insanity, babylon a bakkle mi but dem cyan nevah takkle mi, no matta wah dem a do ghetto youth yo yu got to be, strong minded keep a brave heart and follow mi, big man nah tell mi bout apology mek mi tell yu why


same ting a gwan all di way from London to L.A


verse 1 (again)



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