Paroles The Ride de Milow

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  • Artiste: Milow27514
  • Chanson: The Ride
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Textes et Paroles de The Ride

If i had a way to get out of this day
If i had a way I'd get out today
Man, I would run away, man, I would run
Because these walls block out the sun
Yeah they block out the sun

Today I've got nothing to lose
O could go wherever i wanted to
Leave, jump onto the world

If I had a way to get out of this deal
If I had a way I'd break the deal
Man, I would grab the wheel, and man, I would drive
5000 miles just to survive, 5000 miles

Today, I've got nothing to lose
I could go wherever I wanted to
Leave, jump onto the world
As it's spinning 'round going down
Taking me along for the ride

If I had a way I'd get out today
Man, I would run away

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