Paroles Sadistic Images de Mindgrinder

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  • Artiste: Mindgrinder5917
  • Chanson: Sadistic Images
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Textes et Paroles de Sadistic Images

An existence in explicit surroundings
An existence in the term of will
Non figurative sights of life
Life of no shape revealed to man before
Revealed to mind before

These forms are feeding
They are feeding o the flesh
The flesh is connected
To the perception of being

No such great misinterpretation was ever done
Eating you from inside

Feasting on the flesh, gasping for more
You are now this entity's whore
You are now this entity's whore
Entity's whore,
Entity's whore,
Entity's whore

Vacuum is grooving stronger
Sucking you dry
Till the last drop of moisture
Slithering through the flesh!!

Like worms!
On a cadaver!
Draining your pain!
Of existence!

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