Paroles How Does It Feel de Mis-Teeq

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  • Artiste: Mis-Teeq2879
  • Chanson: How Does It Feel
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Textes et Paroles de How Does It Feel

Hey mr wonderful
you think your so beautiful
i bet you nine out of ten would fall
i ain't the one to be the fool
2 days to work you out
at home while you were out
your last name came about when my girl's sister's best friend
talking 'bout how you came round


how does it feel
when your sittin alone
there's no-one else at home
it's my time for thrills
now it's time you listen to my answer phone
ain't no big deal
your just one of a million guys
lets keep it real
your dirty laundrys out to dry

so mr know-it-all
tell me how many points you scored
whilr you're clocking the girl next door
i know what you've been doing
to dinner bought her gifts
for afters you were it
i called work they said you were sick
a guy like you will never hit this

chorus x2

middle 8
if you wanna find someone you could call mine
a lady who's right
who'll be there for life
so how will you feel if the truth is revealed
if you stayed the same you'll be played at your own game

chorus x4

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