Paroles Name de Mist

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  • Artiste: Mist13311
  • Chanson: Name
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Textes et Paroles de Name

I know your name
I know that cursing it would be a shame
You're in a frame
A timeless one
I don't know where to put it
Although you rule my world
I know you're not the one and only girl
I know my name
I know that wasting it would be inane to do
Life just ain't the same
Without your madness
Everything looks pretty true
And though the truth may suit me well, my dear
I want some beauty too
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
I knew my name
I thought that life was chronological
And then you came
You put me in the greatest concert hall of love
And I faked the fame
I did as if I could sing arias
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
I know your name
It's something I will always recognize
I'll remember the games
The wicked ones
And the ones that were really nice

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