Paroles ...And A Child Shall Lead Them de Mistweaver

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  • Artiste: Mistweaver6631
  • Chanson: ...And A Child Shall Lead Them
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Textes et Paroles de ...And A Child Shall Lead Them

..And a child shall lead them
Through the fields of death
Through the dead of night
And the shadows of their past

And who walks behind the row
Was crucified for him
So their master shall be worship
And the fields are fed

Welcome to the place where you'll die
Gatlin is a hell on earth
Victims of horrors and pain
Of a twisted mind called isaac

Visions have come to her mind
This divine gift is a sign
When intruders come to the town
Malachi will know how to act

...and a child shall lead them

And who walks behind the row

Your souls will burn into the lake of fire
All eternity you're lost forever
And you'll never come back, there's no way out
Once you come to gatlin there's no hope for you

With pain and fear i tried to cross the path
To the land of the free ones where no devil dwells
Through the fields of death that blinded my mind
I face the death 'cause that's my will

...and a child shall lead them to the abyss
...and a child shall lead them to the death
...and a child shall lead them driven by madness
...and a child shall lead them, a child shall lead them

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