Paroles He Who Takes Your Soul de Mistweaver

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  • Artiste: Mistweaver6631
  • Chanson: He Who Takes Your Soul
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Textes et Paroles de He Who Takes Your Soul

Invoking the unknown
And the power of darkness
A strange desire comes to you

Secrets revealed
Unholy words
Pronounced with fear to call the hell

A superior force
From the almighty lords
Unleashed and enraged will fulfill the spell

Magic and madness
Beyond the whole thoughts
Just a short vision of all you'll see

In the name of satan
The lord of chaos
Luciferi excelsi and lord belial

Show us the way
Show us the path
Release all the spirits and take my hand

Onward the battle
Prepared to fight
Defending the throne of who lives in sin

Bringer of plagues
Bringer of death
A sealed alliance you'll never break

Open the gates to the worlds of the shadows
Bring the ones, the disciples of the chaos
This is the coming of the horned god of gold
Prepare the dagger

Raise the chalice, drink the purest deadly venom
Taste the blood, taste the eternal spring of pleasures
A life that fades and a soul tortured forever
Sealing the spell

here i stand bleeding
come to me my lord

Obey- crawl before me

And we shall meet together soon in hell
The gathering of wandering souls is close
Beyond an extrasensory dimensions well
And a strength from a dark power has been raised

He who takes your soul
Will show you the unknown
Where no life can live, where no dead can die
And the visions of the tortured minds

Just close your eyes
Now the time to live expired
Join to the army of the ones who love the dark

Prepare two coins
For the boatman of the death
Or your soul shall wander in the realms of the lost

He who takes your soul
Will show you the unknown
Where no life can live, where no dead can die
And the visions of the tortured minds

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