Paroles The Sun Turned Into Blood de Mistweaver

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  • Artiste: Mistweaver6631
  • Chanson: The Sun Turned Into Blood
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Textes et Paroles de The Sun Turned Into Blood

The sky was red
Life didn't last long
The smell of death
Starting to fill the air

The crowd awaiting
For the exhibition of horror
The sun turned into blood
And then the curse began

Accused of being a witch
Mary was burnt
From that day on the sinners
Would pay the price

Repent your unholy sins
Or your soul will burn with your body, eternally

When did you first meet satan
When did you sell your soul to him, the one in darkness

Mary elizabeth proctor
Soon you'll be released from this life of suffering

Just confess your sins
Allow to hear one word, say you are guilty

All your lies will one day be known
And the truth will come to light
But I will return to take revenge

If the gallow is my end
Or if I die in the flames
When the sky turns red
The sun will turn into blood

Whisper my name
Here I wait
I will lead your soul
Through the timeless paths, I am your lord!!!

And the sun turned into blood
And the sun turned into blood

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