Paroles Thy Empire Is Mine Again de Mistweaver

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  • Artiste: Mistweaver6631
  • Chanson: Thy Empire Is Mine Again
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Textes et Paroles de Thy Empire Is Mine Again

Across the seas of fire
Across the seas of ice
We sail towards the lands
That once belonged to us

Thor's on our side
No fear have to have
Valhalla's our fate
When death calls us all

Through the mist and cold
Prepared for the war
Our hearts are made of stone
Soulless we were born

The shores of the coast
To red will be turned
Blood shall be spelt
Our will shall be fulfilled

Pain- Cruelty- Desolation- Death

No matter who you are
Man, woman or child
No pity we will have
Death's what you will find

And through the vast lands they advance unstoppable
Seeding desolation, fear and death
Burning villages erased from the world
Elric's domain shall rise again

The ashes cover the world
Thy empire is mine again
My hordes punish the ones
That betrayed me long time ago

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