Paroles Shape Of The Formless de Mnemic

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  • Artiste: Mnemic6654
  • Chanson: Shape Of The Formless
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Textes et Paroles de Shape Of The Formless

There's nowhere to go
There's nothing to see
The rhythm of life so restless
Where is my love
Where is my love!!?
So many venomous tongues, all around me
Reaching out to lick my face
And crawl through my gaze
No more, no fucking more, no fucking more, no
The gathering of
Rusted halos in hope of finding
The right answers
The right answers
Peal off the aged skin of the soul
Off the soul
Emancipate in darkness
And be reborn
I need you to save me
Cause I am fear from deliverance
Yeah, I am fear from deliverance
Yeah cause I am far from deliverance
I'm crawling, but living
Travelling out of time
Here we go, I am a supernaut
I go to space and back
And I feel comfortably lost
What a shapeless and formless
Aggregate of escape
Why my heart feels so bad
I need you to save me
Cause I am far from deliverance
Yeah, I am far from deliverance
Yeah, cause I am far from deliverance
I'm crawling
But living
Travelling out of time
Out of time
Travelling out of time
But through this dream scape that
Could be the shape of the end
I have little hope and
A place called home...

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