Paroles Don't Let It Get You Down de Modern Talking

Modern Talking
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  • Artiste: Modern Talking3230
  • Chanson: Don't Let It Get You Down
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Let It Get You Down

I'm crying through the night
A cry of loneliness
Strangers side by side
Looking for a kiss
You feel your heart is dead
Oh, like a broken toy
Oh, blue eyes, don't cry
Your heart is out of tune
These tears can never dry
I'll save your heart, babe, soon
Oh, baby, give a try
A sound of breakin' hearts
I hear again and again
Oh, I'll be there
Take my helping hand

Don't let it get you down
It's never too late
Don't leave this heartbreak town
Feel the love we'll make
Harder you'll try the more you get
Oh, your heartbeat is too sad
Come keep your heart just burning in the night
For you and me

You're tired of been alone
But time is on your side
You'll make it on your own
Baby, if you'll try
Holding back the tears and mend a broken heart
Oh, blue eyes, don't cry
Never give you up
Somewhere there's a friend
When rain is in your heart
Babe, don't let it end
Oh, light the flame of love
Oh, call me just again
Oh, I'll be there
At the rainbow's end

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