Paroles Revolt! de Moral Decline

Moral Decline
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  • Artiste: Moral Decline30687
  • Chanson: Revolt!
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Textes et Paroles de Revolt!

Revolt! look back at what you've done
revolt! did you have your fun
Revolt! now we see your lies
revolt! because we've opened our eyes
you call it an inserextion
we call it are revolution


revolt! our day has come
revolt! send them one the run
revolt! the last 4 years have been hell
revolt! America's been under your spell
you call it an inserextion
we call it are revolution


revolt! so many people have been killed
revolt! too much blood has been spilled
revolt! we'll do whatever it takes
revolt! to see your head on a stake
you call it an inserextion
we call it are revolution


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