Paroles Let Me Kiss You de Morrissey

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  • Artiste: Morrissey3591
  • Chanson: Let Me Kiss You
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Textes et Paroles de Let Me Kiss You

There's a place in the sun, For anyone who has the will to chase one
And I think I've found mine, Yes, I do believe I have found mine, so

Close your eyes, And think of someone, You physically admire
And let me kiss you, Let me kiss you

I've zig-zagged all over America, And I cannot find a safety haven
Say, would you let me cry, On your shoulder
I've heard that you'll will try anything twice

Close your eyes, And think of someone, You physically admire,
And let me kiss you, Let me kiss you

But then you open your eyes, And you see someone, That you physically despise
But my heart is open
My heart is open to you

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