Paroles Domain Of Death de Mortician

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  • Artiste: Mortician6808
  • Chanson: Domain Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Domain Of Death

Entering the morbid domain of death
Torn off limbs severed heads and rotting flesh
Endless screams suffering and cries of pain
Iron spikes pierce the skin and blood is drained
Torture degradationv and butchery
Maniac inflicts the pain happily
Tongue is ripped from the root out of your mouth
Gurgling blood choking filling up your throat
Laid out upon the rack your limbs are stretched
Turning wheel bringing you a painful death
Sadistic lust for blood and agony
Instruments of torture to make you bleed

Accusations, forced confessions
Death is ordered, slowly tortured
Dismemberment, tortured flesh
Hanging bodies, burning alive

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