Paroles Broken de Mourning Misery

Mourning Misery
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  • Artiste: Mourning Misery28095
  • Chanson: Broken
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Textes et Paroles de Broken

This is not a game
It's a fight for life
So much mistrust
Broken lungs
Kill another
Broken tongue
Kill another
Broken hearts
Kill another
Smash them to the ground
Innocence destroyed for no reason
And when they die, no one cries
And my eyes are swollen shut
From all of these sights of people forgotten
Stabbing my pupils
How can love be so hard to find
When the start of it is inside us all?
But it still stands out of reach
Suffering, broken
Kill another
Emotions have been scattered like leaves in the wind
Which explains these crumpled hopes
Pick up the heart you left behind
And find the meaning to life
Your about to loose it
the calendar clearly shows
that our days are limited
it's getting too late

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