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Mr. Sancho
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  • Artiste: Mr. Sancho12376
  • Chanson: Hey Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Hey Girl

Hey girl!!
I'm helping people understand
Why you're my lady and I'm your man
And you still go out with other men
And I don't mind
And I don't mind
Let me roll you in my valuable sheets
Can you feel the heat?
Feelings from head to my feet
Wee, cause all of your love is so sweet
Please, still for the organs I'm kicking
Hynas are a down for the pimpin
I'm on a mission wishing
That some day I will be the biggest pimp living
Now let me tell ya
What I wanna tell ya
All of my homies are here to stay
Now spiff and come around to the other trip
I take another ship to the sky, high yeah
I get a telegraph on them tight ass hynas
That person got me cheating but that was just deceiving
That just give me my moments and I'm now in prison
Is this my way? That person let me play
Cause before you stole my way
I got concussions everyday
Gracias por todo el amor
All those veses pelo rojo no ay nada major (no ay nada major)

Hey girl
Im helping people understand why you're my lady and im your man
And you still go out with other man
And I don't mind [and I don't mind]

Pienso en los tiempos
En cuando nos juntabamos todo el tiempo
Siento que yo me aprobecho
Necio, primero quiero lastimar mi pecho, hecho
Me haces sentir amor para ti
Me pones en humor de reir
Porque me fasina tu pelo rojo, aroma
And ojos that are light green
Si, Quiero entrar adentro de ti
Porque cuando llego
Me gusta venir
Para disfrutar todos los momentos
Que yo siento dentro de mi mental, yo lo siento
Cause I have to find my self
And when I was coming around
I knew it wasn't good for my health
Cause I'm caught in a spell [spell]
Now tell me why you want me
Or could it be that I'm horny
But now I realize you're not a phoned
And its feels real good when you own me

Hey girl, I'm helping people understand
Why you're my lady and I'm your man
And you still go out with other man
And I don't mind [and I don't mind]

Your presence is in my brain
Like a picture inside of a frame
Surrounded by all the problems
That im suffering in the game
But I rather not menture your name
Just to think of you
Keeps me from all the insane
And I hope that'll never change
Just remain that same
How can I explain?
Girl you got me hooked
And I'll never forget your name
Taking a hit or bein with you
Is how I maintain
Cause they both make me forget
All of the bad things in my memory
So girl remember me cuando te diga
Quiero estar contigo hasta el ultimo dia de mi vida
So hey, chiquitita tan bonita
Let's go out tonight
Cause you're my number one chika

Oye chika la jente tiene que entender
Que soy tu hombre y eres mi mujer
Pero no me enojo cuando sales con el
Y no me inporta [y no me inporta]

But my homies want some too
Girl you know that I love you
Cause stylo wants some too
Girl you know that I love you

[ Hey grouch I bet you they don't know were
talking about weed homie haha] [hell yeah man
we aint no sense homie] (people talking)
[ hey fuck that I take the first hit!, Im alredy faded]

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