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Mr. Sancho
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  • Artiste: Mr. Sancho12376
  • Chanson: Sweet Love
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Textes et Paroles de Sweet Love

Intro: Wooohooo your my sweet sweet baby. ohhhh yeeaa yeaa

Sancho Verse 1: All These women never understand. that deep inside im a changed man. that true love is what i need uh. a beautiful young lady i can make a believa. and when i got you i wont let you go. some one that loves and takes it nice and slow. i just cant wait until i find you. so i can hold you close and stand right beside you. i hoped so long until i found you. now i appreciate and cherish everything about you. your all i need and all the loving that your giving me. and i love you to mami i luv you till infinity. theres no limit to the many things that i wood do for you. i would get on my knees and make a vou to you. your all i need in this world you and me together. do my best to keep you happy make it last forever.

Chorus Bizzy: Girl your all im thinking of. i gota get all your sweet love. your makin me change my ways baby. heaven must of sent you from above. to give me all of your precious love. since you got me going crazy baby

Sancho Verse 2: Love Baby is so hard to find. But when i look into your big brown beautiful eyes. i see us together love lastin forever. even through the rainy weather. i will neva. depart from you. cuz you made me change my ways. about life now im havin better days. dam baby them chills you send through my body. im feeling your body come home baby lets get naughty. your silky skin so soft let me rub you down. with bath and body works body lotion making you smile. cuz i know the way a woman needs to be treated. and i know a woman like you will never be cheated. cuz my love for you is so strong. the bond we have together will live on. and last forever forever in a song. this is 1 way to show you my love will last long


Sancho verse 3:

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