Paroles Street Fighter de Mud

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  • Artiste: Mud28181
  • Chanson: Street Fighter
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Textes et Paroles de Street Fighter

I take on every stranger,
Never fear the danger,
Always fight to win.
Born living in a backstreet,
Got to stay on my feet,
I fight to show the world.
It's a dream I've got to make come true.
This city boy who breaks the rules

Street fighter
Street fighter
Burning deep inside
Street fighter
Street fighter
Fighting to survive
I'll survive

You see me from the ring side,
Standing in the spotlight,
How can I pretend.
I feel shadows all around me,
The crowd who's paid to see me,
Fighting to the end.
This golden boy
Who tries to knock me down
Won't forget I started out a


Where can I hide?
When can I go?
Didn't I give you a show?
I gave you my best now give me some rest
I delivered the final blow
Look out!



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