Paroles Crystal heart de Murray Head

Murray Head
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  • Chanson: Crystal heart
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Textes et Paroles de Crystal heart

It's not like me to be uncertain
Could I be so blind ? Oh ! I don't know anymore
So here I am, talking to myself again
Trying not to feel so insecure.

I could have told you that I loved you
I should have told you from the very start
You are the one who makes me feel this way
You light my crystal heart
You melt my crystal heart.

I was scared of showing you my true emotion
Somewhere deep inside I kept the words I couldn't say
I was afraid I'd lose you if I let you see my devotion
I simply chose an easier way.

If I had one more chance to show you
Believe me we would never be apart
You are the one who makes me feel this way
You light my crystal heart
You melt my crystal heart.

2007  "Tête à tête"

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