Paroles 43 de Mushroomhead

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  • Artiste: Mushroomhead7708
  • Chanson: 43
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Textes et Paroles de 43

Mind hemorrhage
fuckin' folding chairs in the hallway
you laugh, I cry
calculating my miscalculations
what is the sign
for I'm choking to death?
There's something caught in my throat
could it be something I've said?
Sighted blind,
Braille is fine,
two black eyes,
are you a badass or just a fuckin' asshole?
There's too much, not enough
God and dog
well I've seen a dog
I'll take my chances
and sleep like a log,
hard in the ground,
dog agnostic,
dyslexic I'm wide awake
and I'm wondering if there is a dog

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