Paroles Indifferent de Mushroomhead

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  • Artiste: Mushroomhead7708
  • Chanson: Indifferent
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Textes et Paroles de Indifferent

Distraught In Deprived Thought Within A Golden Rave I Make
It A Point Of Being Pointless Brainwash It All Away Distressed
And I Detest Vain In A Shade Of Gray Telegraphing
All Of My Punches Couldn't Fight My Way Out Of A Cardboard Box
And In My Own Small Way I Make An Indifferent, Difference I Realize,
I Fantasize, I Apologize Crawling Under A Rock I Hold Up
A White Flag I Could Of Been,
I Should Of Been I'm Just A Has Been I Hold A White Flag Responsibility,
Rationale, Religion I Hold My Head Down In Disgust Distressed
And I Detest Distraught In Deprived Thought

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