Paroles Do & Don't de MXPX

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  • Artiste: MXPX5679
  • Chanson: Do & Don't
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Textes et Paroles de Do & Don't

i still don't know what i want to do
i'd probably still ask you if i knew
what i'm doing now seems to be okay
if it's your will if it's your way
don't want to have to deal with pointless bureaucracy
making sure where something goes or making sure that your agree
well i don't even know what my choices are
should i fly a plane, or should i drive a car?
nothing's clear to me, my eyes won't do a thing for me
i'll just wait right here, until i am what i will be
whatever it is i'm sure ill know, when the time comes he will show
me what to do, and me where to go
all i've got is a skateboard and a guitar
i go to a lot of punk shows a i drive a car
i don't like to work and i don't like to go to school
the teachers think that i'm a girl and the kids they think that i'm uncool
i'm just not interested in much of anything
wouldn't want to be a president, don't want to be a king
i just want to ride my skateboard just want to play my bass
every now and then strum a chord, sometimes land right on my face
have you any ideas? i can't tell by a chart
i wanna do what he wants me to, i'm gonna do my part-yah!

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