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Mystik Journeymen
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  • Chanson: Body And Mind
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Textes et Paroles de Body And Mind

What has rap become?
And before your eyes, time is running

In this world all I got, in the end all I got
In this world all I got, in the end all I got is, hit me

(Body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind)

I didn't know it was you that day, when you stopped me on the streets
I was lost in my mind, that's why I couldn't even speak
You told me to give you a call, but I doubt I will
I ain't much for reminiscing, but I like you still
I'm trying to live, but what is now, and I was in my eye
Reality is lost within my mother's lie
So now it's even harder to trust people
So words are less, I won't let you in
Girlfriends be hating this too
They think they automatically get in by saying "I love you"
But do you really know me to love me
Instead you fucking try to mold me
And leave when shit is muddy waters
Feel my blues as I strums
I sit in crowds of people, and watch the bullshit run
And then the fear I feel inside me, so does he, and so does she
We all scared, but no one's coming true
So who's really in your crew I thought you fucking knew
Yeah, hit me now
Impossible eyes, impossible eyes

(Body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind)

(Body and mind) In this world all I got (body and mind)
In the end all I got is, (body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind, body and mind)

I had to put a halt to my intake of weed
Reality checks was sneaking up on me when I was sleeping
I had to make a mental note of what I really need
Cause every step in life, faulty fools might be creeping
It's such a small scene in this bay, gotta play your cards right
Or escape from your problems, we hopped on a flight
But you running from your problems so they won't cease
They only run within your mind and got potential to increase
Magnified, by the fears of a youth
And the truth lies inside check your inner mind for proof
And you'll find most the answers in yourself was financial
Wisdom first, and you'll love your mental health
I was becoming hella hard to approach
But I seen both sides, and can admit that I hurt
Within this soul, my great release was imagination
Combined with faith, and belief of life I reach for patience
Not really knowing where, or when my shit would end
But when I go out, at least I know I have some friends, and family
Everyone, you know

Body and mind, body and mind, body and mind (body and mind)

(Body and mind) In this world all I got (body and mind)
In the end all I got, (body and mind)
Body and mind (body and mind, body and mind)

So what did we really learn today, what we really learn
Hm, probably nothing, what a shame
What a shame
4001, impossible eyes

Follow me, follow me
Impossible eyes

Be true to your soul, you know what I'm saying?
In the world all I got, body and mind, 4001

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