Paroles Make Way! de Napalm Death

Napalm Death
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  • Artiste: Napalm Death4813
  • Chanson: Make Way!
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Textes et Paroles de Make Way!

Syringe into this earth
A virus known as profit
Extract from it the "goodness"
Which in business terms means greed

Make way!

For another snip at the lifeline
"Look - a new site for expansions!
Let's carnage the forests,
Our main source of oxygen."

Then we'll dump our shit
Onto a poisoned land
Where poisoned food
Feeds poisoned minds

And we'll dump it in the waters
Where no life now knows
But down it's contaminated rivers
Our baneful conscience flows

As a toxic cloud blackens (our) air
Once so clean and pure
On natures form of retribution
We all must choke!

the truth is here
angles kill dreams

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