Paroles Placate, Sedate, Eradicate de Napalm Death

Napalm Death
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  • Artiste: Napalm Death4813
  • Chanson: Placate, Sedate, Eradicate
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Textes et Paroles de Placate, Sedate, Eradicate

[Music: Pintado; lyrics: Greenway]

Load the burden across my shoulders.
Pour the effluent on thick.

Placate, sedate, eradicate.
Wage a war on my prone feelings.
Anaesthetised and numb.

Placate, sedate, eradicate.
Strangely calm when I should be enranged.

Placate, sedate.
Placate, sedate.

Don't befriend the silver screen,
As long as others face firing lines.
Recline, relax take it in your stride,
Be the voyeur. [x2]

Tamed by rabid entertainers.
Engrossed in real life hell.

Placate, sedate, eradicate.
Only observing - I'm exempt.

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