Paroles Farewell To The Flesh de Nargathrond

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  • Artiste: Nargathrond13628
  • Chanson: Farewell To The Flesh
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Textes et Paroles de Farewell To The Flesh

I kissed her goodbye,
Although much has been left to be desired
Forgive me for everything I'll do,
It's all about pain, my betrothed

Murdered the innocence
Lost what used to be my mind
Gone beyond my world
Got rid of what we cherished

Cherished... cherished...
Loved you in torture
Crowned myself a leper

Cherished... cherished...
Loved you in torture
Crowned myself a leper

This is my final waltz
If I'd (only) thought of what it may end in!
Forget me and everything I've done
... this is my private pain

Lying here, (motionlessly) passing away
A disfigured heart... a condemned soul...
Wiped out from inside, lovelorn
A cripple man... a cripple man...
... this is me

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