Paroles It Don't Matter de Narinas

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  • Artiste: Narinas47166
  • Chanson: It Don't Matter
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Textes et Paroles de It Don't Matter

There are so many reasons, I don't want you back
You've thrown it all away like a garbage bag
Waste of time, time to waste, telling white lies
It's worthless, I don't care, I'm hurt inside

You say you're gonna change, we're gonna have our time
I'm sick of hearing it, you say that all the time
We had to make it works, now we gotta move on
What's done is done, it's past, leave me alone

I should've known better
What have I done
It don't matter

Somewhere, somehow, somebody would see
Those days we spent, they meant nothing
Keep going on and on, lying is your best
"No winners in this game", that's what you said

I should've known better
What have I done
It don't matter

I should've known better
What have I done
I did everything to her
Now she has gone
It don't matter

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