Paroles No Sympathy de Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage
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  • Artiste: Nasty Savage6885
  • Chanson: No Sympathy
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Textes et Paroles de No Sympathy

I tried to tell you many times
Never would you listen
Fantasies and lust filled dreams
Will they all come true
Now open your mind from the inside
The clock will keep on ticking
For when I saw it
I knew it needed
To spend the night with you
By the hand she led me
To that lonely room
Rapture with a kiss
The passion burning heat
Gaze into those eyes
See beyond within
Gaze into those eyes
Oh those sweet, sweet dreams
Turned into nightmares
For in this place and time
We've all been here before
The writings on the wall
The sea is off the shore
With mystique mistreater
Show no sympathy
Rapture with a kiss
The passion burning heat
To see beyond within
I'm living out my dreams
With mystique mistreater
Show no sympathy

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