Paroles Triumphal Entry de Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage
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  • Artiste: Nasty Savage6885
  • Chanson: Triumphal Entry
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Textes et Paroles de Triumphal Entry

Destroyers of false hope
In the gloom
Of the shady room
Aztec walls of vision
Dread of non-existence
So glad in the guilt
Of our madness
Destroyers of false hope
Fiction dogs
Are starving
Dancing wings
Of envy
Triumphal entry

Objects of oblivion
Were in the
Too young to
Be old
Don't need
Be told
Before you
Start outside
You must begin inside
Cursed are the
Poor in spirit
Madness in a
Your soul is left
To wander
Triumphal entry

Below the belt
Of the beast
Fiction dogs
Are starving
In the gloom
Of the shady room
High style
Immortal spirits
Its the final solution
Only solution
Dancing wings
Of envy
Triumphal entry
Triumphal entry
If its no problem
Why mention it?

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