Paroles Whispers de Nathalie Cardone

Nathalie Cardone
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  • Artiste: Nathalie Cardone4
  • Chanson: Whispers
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Textes et Paroles de Whispers

Crying over whispers everytime you call
Your words drift out in the breeze
Taï ya yé !

Crying over whispers and i'll be here as strong
And I'll hide my pain with ease
Taï ya yé !

And i know, yes I know, every hour, every day
You can feel, you can search
Everywhere with every touch

I say, crying over the whispers, everywhere I go
You're there everywhere you roam !
Taï ya yé !

Try to haunt my way, everywhere I go
And everybody sees, everybody knows you called me !

Everybody says, all the things I did
And I say bye bye bye bye bye, the whispers
I say bye bye bye bye bye, the whispers

Trying to be me, trying to feel free
Trying to be me new woman, trying to be me

Tryong to feel something new, you got to let me be
What I want be, what I want be

The whispers

Turn around, stand to freeze
Earing all the ways you taunt me now
Turn around fear no one, turning all my heel to go now

I say crying over the whispers
(Taï ya yé)
I say tiring over whispers, chinese whispers

Talk is everywhere (yes, it's everywhere),
Everybody knows (everybody says)
Talking all the time, I won't listen now, anyway
All the things I did, and everybody knows
I say crying over the whispers my baby, baby !

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