Paroles Turning A New Leaf de Nazareth

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  • Artiste: Nazareth15977
  • Chanson: Turning A New Leaf
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Textes et Paroles de Turning A New Leaf

Dragged up, raised tough
Born a mistake
Learned fast the golden rule
Never give, just take
Did no favors, gave no quarter
You all know the story 'bout
The lamb's broadway slaughter.

Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf

Street wise, cat's eye's
Showbusiness smile
Lookin' for today's mark
On the golden mile
Book wise, movie eyed
So cool dudes.
Ain't gonna do no talking
When they find out they been used.

Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf

Got to make some time
Go through the changes
My whole life needs some rearrangin'

Self styled reject
Ambitious wisher
Also ran life style
Guaranteed user, like a,
Campaign promise from a three time loser
Got to make my move soon
Because, beggars can't be choosers,
So I'm,

Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf
Turning a new leaf

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